Fall Protection

The LFP Fall Arrest System is the future of fall protection and proves to be safer,
more comfortable and meets or exceeds safety standards.


  • Reduces stress to the body & femoral artery which decreases the risk of suspension traumaharnesses-for-store
  • Reduces fall force trauma to below 900 lbs of force in the event of a fall
  • Meets or exceeds applicable ANSI Z359.1-2007 standards
  • Minimal metal in zipper slider
  • Light-weight aluminum safety hooks (Nonconductive safety hooks avail 2017)
  • Total system weight ~ 3 lbs
  • Safety engineer approved and Third-party independently tested
  • User-friendly and easy to put on
  • Can be worn all day
  • Available with fire proof
  • Can be customized with company colors, special sizes and with multiple tie off positions




Comprised of interlocking double knitted straps with a weaved outer cover to slow down the fall. Aluminum self-locking hooks currently available. Nonconductive composite safety hooks are light weight and reduces the risk of lightning attraction or electric arcing. Available in Spring of 2017.




tieoffpointThe 5000 lb tensile strength tie-off point located on the backside contains no metal components. Without a metal D-ring, the harness is comfortable enough to be worn while sitting in a seat.

The location of the tie-off point lower on the back allows for the angle of hang to reduce the risk of suspension trauma so that the user can move their legs and reduce pressure on the femoral artery.

If a fall occurs, the Out-of-Service indicator is released to show that the harness can no longer be used. 


LFP in the Field
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