London Fall Protection products are third-party tested with certified safety engineer sign off to ensure that we pass or exceed ANSI-Z359.1.2007. Our testing results illustrate the quality of material we use, all made in the U.S.A. as well as our commitment to the safety of workers who use LFP products.

LFP thoroughly tests the yarn used in manufacturing and makes several points of inspection during the production process.

Test results summary by certified safety engineer
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Test results of blood flow in the femoral artery
A sonographic test of the left superficial femoral artery velocity was performed to illustrate the difference between the affects of hanging in the LFP harness and conventional harness.

The subject began each test at a resting superficial femoral artery velocity of 76 cm/sec.
While wearing the LFP harness velocity was 80 cm/ sec initially and fell to 78 cm/sec after 2 minutes due to minimal to no restriction to the femoral artery. While wearing the conventional 6-way harness femoral artery velocity was 68 cm/sec initially and decreased to 47 cm/sec after 2 minutes.

The medical professional’s summary findings were “Significant decrease in velocity of superficial femoral artery during use of the 6-way harness.”